County of Marin Health and Human Services

Marin County Medical Volunteer Programs


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the County of Marin with the Marin Medical Reserve Corps (MMRC) volunteer program. 

COVID-19 Response Update: At this time we are not placing new volunteers in COVID-19 vaccinator or testing roles. If you are interested in supporting COVID-19 response efforts, you are welcome to join the team and you will be notified if opportunities are opened for new volunteers. **Please note that the MMRC remains on standby to support the County of Marin with other types of emergencies and community outreach activities. See below for to learn more and for registration instructions**

THANK YOU to our amazing team of volunteers who supported the County of Marin in such a huge way during COVID-19 response! 


  • Community outreach & disaster preparedness education 
  • Wildfire Temporary Evacuation Point or Shelter Support
  • Surge
  • Call center staffing in emergencies
  • Flu clinics
  • Logistics and administrative support 


All volunteers must register on the California Disaster Healthcare Volunteers (DHV) website.  Once you've registered, your credentials will be validated - before an emergency - so that you can be deployed quickly and efficiently. Your information will only be viewed by authorized system managers.


  1. Visit:
  2. Click “Register Now” tab at the top of the page on the left
  3. Select "+ Add organizations"
  4. Find and select “Medical Reserve Corps” and select the plus sign to the left. 
  5. Check the box next to the Marin Medical Reserve Corps and then the “Select” button. This routes your application to Marin County. 
  6. Do not select "CA Health Corps” or “CALMAT" if you wish to volunteer locally. 
  7. Follow the prompts to complete your DHV profile.
  8. Once you are registered, you will be contacted via the DHV system to confirm your application. Note: You will be asked to complete electronic volunteer paperwork before your application is accepted. 


Marin County has two medical volunteer (unpaid) teams: 1) the Marin County "Surge" Unit and 2) the Marin Medical Reserve Corps.  

MARIN MEDICAL RESERVE CORPS:  These are the first volunteers deployed by the County of Marin in a medical emergency. Volunteers are engaged and active in unit preparedness and response activities and have increased training and participation requirements. If you want to be more involved with unit activities such as community education and be the first team called up in the event of an emergency, this team is for you. 

MARIN COUNTY "SURGE" UNIT: These volunteers are on a reserve list of licensed healthcare volunteers and can be called to back up the Marin Medical Reserve Corps (MMRC) or Marin County Public Health during emergencies related to large-scale, catastrophic events. Volunteers receive just-in-time training prior to deployment. If you want to be on standby only, sign-up for the Marin County Surge Unit and we'll notify you if there's a need for additional volunteers in the event of a large scale emergency. 


Registration in the DHV system does not guarantee a volunteer placement or deployment. Volunteers are not to self-deploy and must be scheduled and confirmed through a representative from the County of Marin. Steps to deploy: 

  1. Receive Disaster Healthcare message from the County of Marin requesting availability. 
  2. Receive assignment confirmation from a County of Marin employee. Volunteers are not to self-deploy.
  3. Complete Disaster Service Worker Oath & other voluntee onboarding paperwork deemed necessary for the assignment. 
  4. Receive just-in-time training

For additional information: Anne Carta, Senior Program Coordinator - Marin Medical Reserve Corps 415-473-3643mmrc_annual_meeting_3.jpg